Why 2017 is the Best Time to Invest in Silver?


With this special event, the mint has opted to launch a number of collector coins in2017. Among the Most Recent coins is your 2017 Proof Silver Dollar, 2017 Vintage Canadian Coin collection, 2017 Fine Silver Coin (Maple Leaves and Grizzly Bear), and the 2017 collection of $10 Fine Silver Coin.

Excited with the information? Here are a few reasons why investing in silver could be rewarding in 2017:-



The Shanghai Stock Exchange provides a better reflection of what’s happening out there in the precious metals sector. Silver stock has seen a significant fall since 2013. After the supply was depleted, because of demand from major markets, silver alloy will see an increased value in stock markets.


Also, with the launching of China’s „One Belt One Road“ job in 2014, the nation had begun stacking up on base metals to make the biggest infrastructure in the world. This had led to a depletion of silver reserves in China and began pushing demand for silver greater.



Silver has revealed potential of 6.5% profit in 2017 at the end of 2016. Trump’s „reflationary financial policies“ has capacity to drive up the price of silver on a comparative and long-term foundation. In actuality, the silver market will maintain physical shortage noting an annual shortfall of 52.2 Moz.


  1. Growing Industrial Usages of Silver


The current changes in the political situation also have sparked the demand for industrial silver. About 70 percent of silver is destined for industrial uses and other renewable energy solutions. Industrial usages of silver accounts for nearly half of the silver produced globally. Silver now, finds its applications in brazing alloys, solder, dentistry, batteries, LED chips, glass coatings, atomic reactors, medication, photovoltaic energy, photography, semiconductors, RFID chips, water purification, touch screens, wood preservatives and numerous other industrial usages.


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